Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 14

Despite not feeling well this week, I did manage getting school done.... but that was pretty much it. The enemy knew I was vulnerable & made me feel guilty about not having kept up with my tasks, house chores, etc... Does anyone else go through this? I'm thankful to God for my husband, who is so understanding and supports me through the tough days.

I love the picture of Adam & Eve in the Bible. I love that God took a rib out of a man's side to create a woman.... not from his back or from his tummy, but from his side! I love that we
were created as one bone, one flesh.... to stand together as one, right next to one another. I know I was created to be a helper to my husband, to stand by my man! I also know that I can always find comfort in knowing that my husband is right beside me, putting his arms around me, willing to help me get through the thick & thin of life.

Our Bible lesson this week was regarding that same topic- the Creation & the institution of Marriage.... Why God created it & what He had intended for marriage- a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman. I thank God for the Bible, our life manual!

Here is Ezra retelling the creation story.

Here are the kiddos during their 'chice time'. I think it's important to give children choices that are well-guided by parents. It's amazing how fast a day goes by when you give them plenty of choices to choose from....choices that will help you manage time in the most educational & beneficial way as a family. Our kiddos choose between several activities each day, and computer games seem to be their favorite! (Make sure to set a timer, so they don't overplay! Sooooo important! Make sure you're in the room when they're on their computers.)

(Sorry, these pictures are out of order.) Going over the months of the year during our opening time.

Ezekiel has his own set of toys that are used only during school time. This helps a bunch!

Number of the day: #46

Number of the day: place value & 100 day puzzle.

Erzsebet holding day 46 puzzle piece.

Rainy day activity: finger paint!
....and pudding art!
Children love getting messy or what?!

One of my personal favorites..... quiet reading time, while the baby naps. Ahhhh.

This is what Erzsebet is currently using for reading. She really enjoys Bob books. *General Reading Tip: Make sure your child is not just reciting the memorized sentences by looking at the illustrations. Her memory is incredible & will memorize a sentence after reading it 1x or 2x. I purposely hide the illustrations as we turn each page, forcing her eyes to go immediately to the words. Then I reveal the pictures for her to enjoy (reward). Do help with sounding out difficult sounds. This practice will get them in the habit of reading the actual words, not just the fun pictures.


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