Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 6

This week we studied how flowers grow. We also finished up the mycelium experiment. We used floor dust & foot germs to grow this lovely living thing in our kitchen. Want to come over for dinner anyone??

Reaction to the question, "Would you like to take a bite?":

My kiddos spent a good chunk of time laughing their heads off looking at each other's distorted faces. Good times.

Ezra's Science Notebook illustration:

We had a great time going on a nature walk, collecting flowers from our neighborhood.
We mashed them up to make juice for flower dying.
We also kept some to make flower press, which we'll use later to make greeting cards.

We didn't have any coffee paper filters, so we used plain paper towels to soak up the flower dye. It worked just as great.

We also had the bean sprout experiment going on in our lab (kitchen) for a few weeks.
We pulled out one bean a day to observe the growth. Here's the first week's growth.

Second week:

Third week:

Cool words we learned: dicotyledon, cotyledon, which you can see in the upclose photo below.

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