Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 11- Water Filter

Science: Water Filter Experiment


1. Get a grown up to prepare a paper carton with several small holes on the bottom. Optional- share a bag of sour skittles (yummy).

2. Get some gravel and sand.

4. Prepare some muddy water.

5. Fill the carton with gravel, 3" deepk, then fill with 3" sand.

6. Place a bowl below the carton to gather the filtered water.

7. Pour in the muddy water.

8. ....and wait.

9. While waiting, give the photographer the thumbs up and smile.

10. Then keep waiting. It may take a minute or two before you start seeing water drops. Practice patience.
11. Do what you can to pass that minute or two. Making faces while climbing on daddy is a great way.
12. See the difference? Gotta love the "pure squeezed" part, but please, DO NOT drink the filtered water. :)

13. Before and After. Very cool.
14. Just for fun, we filtered the "clean water" again. It was a tad bit cleaner than before.

15. Finally, the most important part- Talk to your child about what this experiment teaches us. Not only scientifically, but Biblically speaking. We talked about the filter being a picture of Christ (mud- us/ our sinful nature, filter- Christ, clean water- us becoming Christians/ being sanctified & receiving salvation). We also talked about the filter being like God's Word. (mud- the world's perception of truth/ deception/ sin, filter- Bible, clean water- God's Word/ the truth/ Wisdom). We LOVED this experiment!


Lainie said...

The filter... the gravel... the Rock of Christ Jesus. Elijah got absorbed into the ECC science... we never did this one. Thank you for sharing-- this totally blessed me!

Abby said...

Thanks for sharing, it blessed me as well. Bookmarking your post so I can do this with my girls...

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! It's been fun to pop in!

Alicen said...

Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments! God bless you and your sweet families. :)