Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 8

We learned to draw the Bible Lands Map I this week. I just love how MFW makes it so easy for students (and grown ups) to memorize this map! We learned it with a fun story adapted from The Old Testament Express by Terry Hall.

"A man went fishing one day. This is the front of his boat (1). His fishing ines are hanging down from the boat and they got all tangled up (2). The man looked over the side of his boat and fell into the water! These are his two fingers under the front of the boat (3). (We actually changed this part to his legs. My son thought it was more funny to think of him upside down!) He sent up a distress signal to call for help- a balloon with a string, and a mitten tied on the end of it (4, 5, 6)! In this corner there is the head of a huge water but (7), with two long feelers coming out of its head (8, 9)."

Phonics: Reading Chart

Reading & Writing: Animal Tales

Ezra loves this assignment! He loves the funny stories, where he gets to illustrate his creative mind.

Science: Thunder & Lightning. This was a really cool unit to study. Too bad we didn't have real thunder & lightning this week, but I'm sure it won't be too long before we get another storm in Oregon!

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