Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 12

Reading & Writing: "u_e & ue = oo" sample

Sicence: Student illustration of Beaches & Waves

Science Experiment: Making waves using a rope tied to a doorknob. (Hand= wind)

Science Literature: Ezra wanted to pose with the Under the Sea books
Physical Education: Ezra is in soccer this Fall. Erzsebet is taking ballet (pictures to come).
We also get to participate in the monthly Barn Day at a friend's home/ barn (more like a resort than a barn!). We are grateful for friends who are so gracious in opening up their home.
Children playing in the foam pit/ rock wall. This barn is also complete with a play structure with a ball pit, swings, slide, a track for riding bikes, & nets for climbing. Very cool place for kids, especially on rainy days.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having so much fun! Love the "ketchup" week, we'll probably need to take a few of those this year!