Monday, October 5, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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(Thanks Lainie for this idea.)
Outside my window... is a beautiful sunny day. Autumn is so pretty in Oregon. Then again, so are Spring, Summer, & Winter. We sure do live in a pretty state.

I am thinking... what a fun & relaxing day it has been. We're taking it easy today.

I am thankful for... extra fun opportunties in educating my children. We took a special trip today & attended the Oregon Symphony Kinderconzert. It was great!

I am wearing... olive Nike pants, white long sleeve shirt with a Nike black vest, barefoot. I know, we wear a lot Nike around here, thanks to my Nike police, oops I mean, Nike employeed brother. :)

I am remembering... how much I love music education. As much as I love teaching my children at home, I do miss teaching music in schools. Being at the symphony concert brought back many fond memories.

I am going... to stop consuming milkshakes, right after I finish the one on my desk.

I am reading... Karen Kingsbury's Forever. It's the last one of the series & I've shed many tears. My husband means well when he calls it "Christian trashy novels". I'm also going through Psalms, Proverbs & John currently.

I am hoping... can't say yet. It's a secret. ;)

I am creating... Hand-made greeting cards to give out as Christmas gifts. My goal is to be done with my Christmas list before December~!

On my mind... my hubby's dream last night. It made me feel sad, but loved at the same time. I was sure to give him extra kisses before he left for work.

From the learning rooms... children are happily playing educational computer games. Again, we're taking it easy today.

Noticing that... the Sonic milkshake doesn't taste good after a couple of hours.

Pondering these words... from my husband... "You mean my helping with laundry isn't your love language?" Gotta love him!

From the kitchen... We're having left over Korean food- spicy pork & rice wrapped in lettuce. Yum!

Around the house... need to get stuff on craigslist & Ebay. I'd like to get rid of clutter sitting in certain rooms/ corners.

One of my favorite things~ Sound of Music. We watched 1/2 of it just this weekend. It's seriously the best movie ever.

I am praying... for my sweet brother & sis in Korea, for God to continue to protect them, keep them safe & bless them in their 1st year of marriage.

A few plans for the rest of the week... This is a "Ketchup" (a.k.a. catch up) week. We're going to focus on math, science & music this week. Also a play date, visit to grandma's for her b-day, and our annual family photo session with a great photographer!

From my picture journal... celebrating the first week of Fall with hot cocoa.

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