Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 15- Special Event

We had a blast at grandpa & grandma's yesterday. We spent time enjoying carving pumpkins, learning to put together birdhouses, and getting to use various tools.

Ezekiel with his very own carved pumpkin, with special effects:

Ezekiel holding nature in his hands- caterpillar!

Ezra working hard on his 3rd pumpkin:

Erzsebet with her pretty pumpkin, complete with eyelashes:

Grandpa designed & precut the parts for all the kiddos! He's quite the talented handy man:
Ezra happy with his completed birdhouse:
Daddy helping Ezekiel with a powertool:
All finished!
Ezra got to use some historical tools that date way back to the 1800's.
Finished products by all the family members. We had cousins and siblings who attended this annual tradition.

Ezra playing the cornet with family.


Anonymous said...

Your babies are just too precious! I just had to tell ya that. :-)

Alicen said...

Thank you Kysha for your kind words! God bless you and your precious children too. :)