Saturday, May 15, 2010


Praise the Lord for a blessed school year! We had such a fun school year. We have absolutely LOVED homeschool. It's been such a treat to watch our children grow and develop at home, to witness their love for Christ and for one another as siblings. I'm thankful for the opportunity to not only be their mom, but to be their "Teacher Mommy", as they call me during school. :)

I'm thankful for just how much I have personally learned. I've learned to let go more.... house chores, to-dos, projects.... which is a big deal for me. :) Although not perfectly, I've learned to balance better & realize that God covers all things, even the smallest of details. I've learned that children are not the interruption, but the purpose of who I am called to be. I still fall short, often, but I'm thankful for the daily opportunities to put this knowledge into practice!

I'm thankful for my children, for just how much they teach me each day. Children have an amazing way of teaching us about God's grace. Their pure, simple faith is like no other. Their unconditional love, the grace they show by quickly forgiving mommy when she loses patience, their caring for other people and a genuine desire to witness to others remind me of who Christ is... I'm also thankful to my husband for not only playing the role of the "science guy", but also for working so hard- so that I can be home to instruct and play with our kiddos.

Most of all, I'm thankful to my Father in Heaven, for loving me, to see me as his vessel, to find worth & beauty in me, to entrust me with 3 (and one more on the way) of His precious children, to bless us with our daily bread, for His Word, to give us the freedom to read & study His Word, for His spirit that guides us each day, for Jesus, and for the free gift of Salvation. Thank you Lord. I love you with all my mind, heart, soul, and strength.

100th Day!!

We celebrated our 100th day of school back in early March. We spent the day enjoying 100th Day Mini Olympic, special arts & crafts, and treats. This was one of our most fun school days! Here are some photos we took to capture what we did that day. Enjoy!

100 Necklace: We used colored cereal and placed them in groups of 10, in repeating patterns. Great math activity and great for eye-hand coordination..... and yummy too!

Finished products. They're also enjoying a special treat, See's suckers. Very special!

100 Number Paint: The kiddos chose to use dot paint. :)

100 Name Chart: The older kiddos wrote the letters of their name repeatedly, filling 100 squares. Then they colored each letter, using diff. colors to create a pretty pattern at the end.

100 Activities: We played a variety of games, some indoors and some outdoors.
Dance to music for 100 seconds, then freeze for 100 seconds.

Well, in our case, "freeze" meant to collapse and fall to the floor and laugh! Such funny kids!
We really could have done this dancing activity all day. They so loved this one & I too was laughing my head off.... They sure love to get jiggy with it, but it's important to always end it on a high note! So, we moved on to something else.
100 Seconds:
Close your eyes & silently count up to 100 seconds. When you think it's been 100 seconds, open your eyes.

100 Hops

100 second run (we also did estimating 100 steps).

At the end of our mini-olympics, the children received a ribbon for each of the activity they completed, and a medal of overall excellence in completing 100 days of school. We then enjoyed a special 100th Day lunch.