Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 14- Science

Science experiment from the Under the Sea unit: Underwater Pressure.

Ephraim explaining the experiment to Ezra. Plastic bottle filled with water, prepped with 3 nail size holes- top, middle, bottom. Holes temporarily covered with tape.

Once the tapes are removed, you can see that the bottom hole shoots the water out the farthest, due to the greatest water pressure. The top hole drained water with such little pressure, we didn't actually see it "shoot out". The top hole just leaked water down the side of the bottle.

As the water emptied the bottle, the middle hole also started to lose pressure.

Ezra pointing to the middle hole, which is now just leaking water agains the side of the bottle.
Ezra adding more pressure- air pressure that is- into the bottle.

After the experiment- a photo of our beautiful Maple dressed in Fall colors. I absolutely LOVE Fall in Oregon!

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