Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 2- Art

We use this book for teaching 1st Grade Art, and it's excellent! We love it. We have been learning about identifying the 5 basic elements of shape. Although it's entitled, "Drawing with Children", it's great for grown ups too. It suggests that the teacher does each drawing activity right along with the child/ren. :) Because my education has always taken the music route, I've never been able to take art classes, which I would have loved..... so, I'm feeling quite excited to learn while teaching!

This book starts with finding out what the student's level is by having him/ her complete these pages:


Tia said...

Alice I've done drawing lessons with my kids based on this book and they are really good artists now. I love this book. Looks like your guy has been similarly influenced. Great work here Alice! I'm proud of you. It is a lot of work but how satisfying!

Alicen said...

Hi Tia! How awesome to hear from you. What a confirmation of how good this book is. I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying it too. It be so fun to get our 1st graders & Pre-schoolers together! It's soooo overdue!