Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reading List: Science, 1st Grade

MFW has great lists (all books read & approved by Christian curriculum writers of MFW) of suggested books to read along with each unit. It has been very convenient to check out these books from our local libraries, which we visit weekly. Here are the science units we have studied so far.

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Science Unit 7- Rivers

Science Unit 6- Thunder & Lightning

Science Unit 5- Rain

Science Unit 4- Trees

Science Unit 3- How Flowers Grow

Science Unit 2- The Seasons

Science Unit 1- Close to the Ground

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Chrissie said...

Hi! I just found your blog through mishmashmaggie. I'll be starting MFW 1st next week with two of my boys, and I LOVE that you've posted your units and book choices. I already reserved most of them at my local library, and I feel like I have a head start on what is turning out to be a later start :) Please keep on posting your weekly highlights!
Thanks :)