Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 2- Scrolls & Pottery Jars

I must say that Bible is my favorite part about our curriculum. I love that we don't just read a verse & discuss it only, but that we get to enjoy so many hands-on activities that help us to gain deeper understanding of His Word!

During the first 2 weeks, we learned about the scroll. We learned many facts- studied what it looked like during the Bible times, how it was made, how it was used, who used it, how it was stored, etc.. We also made our own! Another thing I love about My Father's World is that Bible is integrated in every subject. During writing & reading (phonics) in our 1st weeks, Ezra was to create a scroll using the alphabet sheets connected as one long sheet. It was really fun to create such a realistic & pretty scroll of our own.

We then had him create pottery jars (small versions)- which people used to store scrolls during Bible times. Using the given recipe, we created blue jars- for Ezra, and pink ones- for Erzsebet.

I love the symbolism behind the scroll & pottery jars. This project created a perfect opportunity to talk about the jar of clay being us, created by God Himself. The children understood in such a beautiful way how & where we're to store God's Words (scroll)- in our hearts!

We went one step further than what the book instructed... Since we each had made 5+ pottery jars, I had inscribed a scroll fact on each of the mini-scrolls that you see in the photo below. Ezra loved being able to unroll the tiny pieces of paper to read each of the facts, while memorizing them in a fun hands-on way.

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Hi Alicen
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