Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 4

Bible: 39 Old Testament + 27 New Testament = 66 Books!!

We stacked skinny books to count how many books are in each testaments, and added them together to show how many books are in the entire Bible. "Wow! That's a lot of books!" Ezra loves hands on learning!

Math: Sorting & Classification. Thank you grandma for letting us use your buttons!


After. Well, almost the end.
(It took Ezra over an hour to finish, but he did it!)

Math: Number of the Day. We use Erzsebet's 100 piece puzzle (each piece numbered 1~100 on the back) to tape up the number of the day, one per day. She loves putting her princess puzzle together while reviewing her numbers!
Math: Alphabet Cuisenaire Rods.
Art: First Smiley Face. :) - by our little 23 month old old Ezekiel. (It made me giggle, so I just had to put this up.)

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