Friday, September 18, 2009

School Room: BEFORE II

The photos below are from the beginning stage of our school room transformation, which started about a year ago. We created a school room even before we decided to homeschool, probably because I love playing school- always have since I was a little girl. :) Actually, the main reason is because my children love having a special learning space of their own (although 'school' takes place in every room in a home) that is a privilege to dwell in together. It's a place where they come in with the mindset to learn, a place of bright colors, order & fun, where I'm addressed as "teacher mommy", where they're discouraged to say "I can't", and must enter with "I can do all things with Christ" attitude. I also love the fact that I can close the door & leave projects behind, and return to them later.

This is where our guest bed used to be: (compare with photos in previous post)

My always messy desk, with a toy or two underneath:

The remains of our move from 3 years ago, still stacked in this same corner:

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