Friday, September 18, 2009

School Room: BEFORE III

After the decision was made to homeschool, it was necessary to give our school room a make over. We wanted to create a school wall that was functional for all 3 of my kiddos' usage & geared towards the curriculum we had chosen. I saw this great idea on HGTV, and also on Extreme Make Over- Home Edition..... and thought I'd create a magnetic wall! Here are a few photos from our painting day. Our kiddos loved helping! (Hindsight, I'd do it much differently. It takes LOTS of coats for the magnetic grip to be strong enough. I'd suggest mapping out the space you're going to use beforehand & paint only that space. It's WAY more cost effective that way, not to mention more time efficient. Do not paint the whole wall- although it was a nice idea for flexibility reason.) After the black magnetic paint dried (which btw- can be doubled as a chalkboard), we painted over it with a happier green color, which you will see later in the AFTER photos.

My wonderful hubby is a YES man when it comes to supplies, books, needs for school. He's not only our painter, he's our school IT guy, Bible & shop teacher, school board, and spider exterminator. He's also the best 'principal' I've ever worked with... not to mention the cutest! :)

Love their little squatting positions!

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