Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekly Highlights: Week 21- Christmas!

We got together with some of our homeschool friends to prepare a special Christmas mini-program. We sang a medley of Christmas tunes at church & what a blessing it was! All the children did such a great job singing with hand motions, reciting scriptures & sharing their love for Jesus with everyone. They sang at all 3 Christmas Eve services & still had energy left at the end.

What a great learning experience this was. We participated in a local church's Food & Toy boxing day. Here is Ezra working as a runner to retrieve each item to be boxed by our team. There were several hundred people there who boxed thousands of boxes & bags. We got to deliver these items to some local needy folks & I appreciated that the children got to experience firsthand the joy of giving. It was also a great opportunity to truly give thanks for just how fortunate we are. This was definitely one of our favorite memories from this Christmas.

Although it's Christmas week, we did do a little bit of school, including reading out loud with younger siblings.

Some photos from Erzsebet's preschool Pageant:
Erzsebet melted hearts with her Away in a Manger solo:

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