Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Highlights: Week 20

Reading & Writing:
/n/ = gn & kn

/aw/ /u/ /oe/ /oo/ = ough
Bible Reader & Bible Notebook:
Continuing with 1 sentence summary. The curriculum encourages to NOT correct the spelling for more than a couple of words each day. However, my son insists on me correcting ALL of the words... He's a pretty good speller already, but I don't want to correct him all the time, especially with the bigger vocabulary. I don't want his focus to be primarily on spelling, but on learning to love writing & sounding out phonics. I know spelling will come with more experience & development.... but I must admit, when he's really wanting to know how to spell certain words, I have a hard time saying no. I'm wondering if any MFW users have thoughts on this?
It's been so fun relearning the story of Moses. Along with our curriculum's condensed version of the daily story, we also read the story directly from the Bible.... mainly because Ezra asks a lot of specific questions. Sometimes I think he knows more about the Bible than I do (quite humbling)!
We rented The Ten Commandments this week & got to enjoy it together as a family. It took 2 days to watch- a bit of a long movie, but it kept Ezra's attention the whole entire time. In fact, he LOVED it! It was fun to watch him identify which parts of the movie was actually from the Bible & which were just an enhanced part for the movie. I think I spent more time watching Ezra's reactions than the movie itself. :) He watched each scene with such anticipation & excitement- knowing what big parts were coming up & how it was going to be played out on screen- i.e. the plagues, parting of the scene, etc.. I highly recommend this movie as an extra activity the whole family can enjoy!
Special Activity:
We got a 2nd Christmas tree this year. Having had a fake tree for several years, I've really missed the smell of the real tree. That & we had a coupon that got us a 5 foot tree for $25! :) Here are the kiddos at a tree farm.
Our pick!

Kids in sync with their belly laughs- They're watching the tree being shaken in the 'tree shaking' machine that gets all the dead needles/ bugs off. For some reason, they all thought it was so hilarious!

Our "Family Room Tree". Only if my kiddos would leave the ornaments alone.... !! (I only found 1 spider, thanks to the pre-shake at the farm.) Ahhhh.... I love the great Northwest!

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