Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekly Highlights: Week 22~28

Just catching up on our school blog. It's been a busy but fun winter!

Science: Balloon rocket.
Balloon rocket race.

Sabbath Dinner- Traditional Jewish dinner with Challah bread & grape juice. We also combined our lesson regarding Jacob & Esau by making Lentil soup. It was delicious- but hard to imagine selling your birthright for a bowl of soup! :)

Shepherd's Lunch: Ezra dressed up as David, with his water tied to his waist & lunch sack in his hand. The rest of us played the role of his "sheep".

We went outside for a walk, following David. We then stopped at our neighborhood park & enjoyed our special Shepherd's picnic lunch - food from the Bible times. This was a hit with the kiddos! The food was yummy & so healthy too!

Challah bread with apricot spread, figs, dates, goat's cheese, almonds & pomegranate.

Good times!

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