Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eggspert Fridays

My kids love competition. They are fierce when it comes to competing (a bit too much at times). Our Fridays are test/ review days. To bring in the fun factor to testing, we now play games with this new educational device I recently purchased... the Eggspert!

It's so fun to watch my kids try earning points by being the first to push the buttons. It gets wild and Hillarious! Some of our biggest laughters during school come from this friendly battle. I'm amazed that my 7 year old keeps up with the oldest two, and he actually almost won last time. Somehow, he was the fastest button pusher!

During the game, I ask questions  regarding what we learned during the week: History, Bible, Latin, memory verse, Math drills, Science, etc.. Sometimes they're silly questions too, because I love making my kids laugh. I'll even ask easy questions (like 2+2, or "who is Elsa's sister") for my littlest, just so she can participate & be rewarded with points on the board. The older kids cooperate well  when I cue them to let the youngest push the button first. Eggspert reminds me of the "Steal the Bacon", a game I used to play with my students in schools. Then again, Eggspert is nice to have for a small class of 4, so they can all compete at once. Also, there's something magical about pushing buttons that make kids focus in a super intense way. I suppose it makes them feel a little like they're on Jeopardy. ;)

Here are some photos of my kiddos ready to slay some questions.


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