Thursday, September 4, 2014

Toys in the Roman times

Roman children played with handmade terra-cotta rattle toys that were formed into animals, and studded with jewels.

Our book instructed to make a pig, but these kids had other favorite animals in mind. I love that they were creative in shaping the animals just from the images in their heads. 

My littlest made a snake because she's fully entertained 
by how I always react to creepy crawly things.
My big girl made the cutest cat, giraffe & tadpole. (Not sure if the Roman ever saw giraffes. They saw elephants during the Punic Wars, but giraffes? IDK)
My oldest made a safe version of a cobra & of course, the U of O mascot. Go Ducks!
Snakes seems to be the theme... this one is all coiled up & rather adorable looking. 
Made by my little boy.
I couldn't resist making one. :) I'm a dog person, so I have no idea why I made a cat.
This pic is just for fun. 
My little girl always likes to pose as Elsa. 
She is such a ham! 
Takes after my oldest as you can see.
Finished products.

This activity reminded me that less is more.
Kids can get caught up wanting more, the next best thing,  the newest Legos set, collections of this and that...

Adults are no different. 

Once again, I'm reminded that the time we spent together is really where it's at. We don't need to spend a lot of money, but by taking the time to be creative, we can come up with simple ways to build, create, and share together... 

I'm going to purpose to pay more attention to simple daily things my children want to do as a family... planting, watering, making meals, washing cars, crafting, woodwork, art, etc.

Glad today's craft brought more meaning than I expected. 

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