Thursday, February 10, 2011

2010 FALL- New School Year

Miss K started Kindergarten last Fall & has been enjoying homeschool very much. Z-man is doing preschool at home and he's also doing very well, especially with a longer attention span than last year when he was 2.

With Mr. A at a private school this year, I've been able to focus on the middles' curricula. It's been a pretty relaxing school year so far. Kindergarten curriculum takes only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each day. Z-man learns right along with his big sister while baby L takes her morning nap.

Miss K was reading before September, so school has been super easy for her. So far, we've been able to complete each unit (6-day lessons) in 2~3 days. I love that MFW K curriculum is so flexible and I can customize it for each child based on his/ her individual needs. I also love MFW K because there are so many wonderful hands on activities. Having done 1st grade with Mr. A last school year, we know what is to come for her next Fall. I don't see the reason to skip MFW Kindergarten altogether because it's such a fun curriculum! At this point, it's not about pushing her as far as I can academically, but about building godly character & laying the foundation in her that learning is FUN and for a lifetime.

We started school in September. (Much later than last school year, which was July! I'm much more relaxed this year! :)) Here are some photos to capture our learning experiences thus far:

#1: S is for Sun (Jesus is the Light of the World)
#2: M is for Moon (We are the light of the world.)
Paper Mosaic (S, Sun= Jesus; M, Moon= Us, reflecting the Son's light)

Learning about the ratio of Sun, Moon, Earth: (The big yellow papers combined represent the sun. It was a lot of paper, so I chose to conserve.) :)
Miss K doing her daily calendar binder: (She LOVES doing C.B.!)

One of Z-man's preschool activities, Stamp Art:

Another one he likes to do, magnetic letters on a cookie sheet:

Baby L as sweet as can be. One of her favorite hang outs:

Playing upper & lower case matching game, while Mr. A works on his Rod & Staff spelling:
Miss K's computer art (choice time):

Mr. A working on some spelling:
The Creation Mini-book by Miss K:

God created the world in 6 days & rested on the 7th day. He created everything. He can do anything.
Be still my heart! :) I love cute kids in cute backpacks ready to learn!!

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Jillian Weiss said...

Awesome recap! You are doing such a great job. And the kids too of course :)