Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up.

I've been taking time off from blogging. I've been busy with a new baby, along with other aspects of being a full time wife & mom of 4, and I love it! :) From time to time, I try and glance through other homeschool blogs. It's always encouraging to see what other families are doing. I also get a lot of ideas from so many creative families and their fun ways of learning. For that, I'm appreciative! I'm also thankful for the comments left by fellow homeschooling moms from various places. It's nice to know that somehow, our experiences, our photos are blessing them in return. :)

I'm pretty behind on my journaling on this site. In attempt to bring it more up to date, here are some photos from our end-of-school Spring/ Summer months, starting from the most recent.

Spring/ Summer 2010:

Oregon Aquarium:

Summer Birthday:

Our oldest gets baptized!
Oregon Zoo- one of our favorite places to visit:
Beautiful Oregon Coast:
Fourth of July Neighborhood Parade:
Summer Vacation Bible School:
Baby Lia's Announcement Photo Schoot by Mindy Strauss:
Miss K graduates from Preschool:

Family of 6 Complete!
A wonderful Mother's Day gift:

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